Mohawk Haircut Tips

A Mohawk haircut is a unique creation and a popular style in the punk culture. While some individuals experiment and style their own Mohawks, others choose to go to a salon where a professional hairstylist has the experience and the proper equipment, such as quality hair-cutting shears, to ensure a proper cut.

For those looking to make a statement, a Mohawk will do just that and more. The hairstyle is an attention getter for individuals sporting the various styles whether it is a low-key and subtle version of the style or an elaborate and flamboyant rendition with 10-inch spikes.

Getting a Mohawk
There are several things to consider when getting a Mohawk. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pick a cut: Once the decision is made to get a Mohawk, the next decision is deciding what type of cut. The Mohawk look ranges from the traditional shaven head with center strip, bihawks and trihawks with multi-strips, short and long spikes, short hair fauxhawks and complicated deathhawks. Select the cut that best suits your attitude.
  • Settle on a size: The next step decides the length and width of the strip. The strip can start at the front of the head and run to the back at the base of the neck. A traditional hair strip is about two inches in width, but the strip can be much wider, covering covering a good portion of the scalp on top of the head, like a skullcap, with each side shaven. A deviation to the traditional Mohawk is a Mollet. This style begins as a strip of spiked hair along the top of the head tapering off into a flat strip.
  • Consider product: A more involved Mohawk style can be expensive to maintain, as you will need product to keep that look in place. There are alternatives to buying expensive gels or pastes-you can make your own concoctions for hair gel or even use white or clear glue to hold hair in place. Shampoo, conditioner and oil keep hair in good order and are part of the maintenance cost, along with hair coloring, periodic head shavings and hair trimming.
  • Time factors: The amount of time needed for Mohawk styles is a factor. Some styles, such as the Fauxhawk, traditional cut, Chelseahawk or Mollet, are less time consuming as the more involved Dreadhawk and other elaborate spiked styles.
  • Trust an expert: Have a professional hairstylist thin the hair prior to cutting, as that will ensure that the hair length along the strip is proportional and uniform before you make any permanent cuts to the strip. 
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