Classic Punk Hairstyles

Classic punk hairstyles can be loads of fun. What you do with your hair makes a definite statement to the world about who you are. It may actually be easier to make the statement that you are punk with your hair than with your clothing because hairstyles are so versatile. Experiment with these classic punk hairstyles as you seek the look that expresses your worldview.

Go for Spikes and Quirky Tufts
One of the keys to almost all classic punk hairstyles is to get spikes going in one or many directions. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in jagged pieces that are uneven and can be molded into fluffy or stiff spikes or tufts in all directions. Use a strong hold gel, Elmer's glue, gelatin, hair spray or egg whites to create some freaky-cool spikes or amazing wild tufts.

Try a Mohawk
Punk men's hairstyles are perhaps the most noticeable of the possible hairstyles, especially when you go with a full Mohawk. Use some mega-hold styling product to lift your center strip of hair and either shave or clip the rest of your hair super short. Have fun with shaving messages or symbols into your shorter hair or tattoo your scalp. If you do decide to get inked, however, use a professional-tattoos on your scalp are tricky and can cause serious medical problems if not done properly.

Shave Half Your Head
There's nothing like making a statement by shaving half your head and dying the other half of a shaggy cut.  Avoid symmetry if possible for an even greater statement.

Have Fun With Color
This is the best part of punk hairstyles, as you can play with any color you want, using as extreme color and as much color as you wish. Try dying one half of your hair one color and the other half another or dye streaks into your hair. Try dying your hair one color, then dying the tips of tufts of hair another color or multiple colors. Think of which colors best express your attitude, then go for it!  Have fun!

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