The Punk Rocker Look

The punk rocker look is really hot right now for those who wish to express their individuality and get attention. Originally inspired by punk rockers like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash, this look took off and has been adopted by fashion designers. You don't need ripped t-shirts and ripped jeans to achieve this look, but they will add a lot of punk sensibility. Here are some ways to incorporate the punk rocker style into your wardrobe.

Start at the Top
Your hair can embrace the punk fashion by being worn asymmetrical, shaggy and free. Try a splash of wild color in a block, or have bangs cut in a sharp diagonal. The back or one side can be close-cropped, with the other side left in longer wisps or long layers. You can spike the top and leave the sides straight, also. Show your individuality with your hair!

Vintage Elements
A leather jacket can be worn over a blouse or floral dress to add that "rebel" look that's characteristic of punk. It's easy to find a period leather jacket in vintage stores, and you might also find vintage clothing in thrift stores as well.  

Tight Bottoms
For the punk look, try leggings or tight capris with long boots. You can add a long sweater or layer a long jacket over your chosen shirt. The contrast of big on top and small on the bottom will help you achieve the punk fashion statement.

Mismatched Colors and Patterns
The idea of this style is rebellion and individuality. If you can go bold, then do it! Combine contrasting colors, accessorize with a big hat, and choose very unique shirts, jackets and leggings that one might not normally put together. The idea is to express yourself to the world and say that you are not afraid to be a renegade. Think of stars like Lady Gaga. Add some bold makeup around the eyes for the final touch.

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