How to Dress Rockabilly

It's easier to dress rockabilly than you may realize. If you want to sport a rockabilly style, follow these simple tips:

How Men Can Dress Rockabilly
The Rockabilly Outfit
The best rockabilly men's shirts are vintage bowling shirts, Vegas shirts or Daddy-O shirts, worn over a white T-shirt and with the collar over a baggy jacket. Wear slacks and black-and-white creepers, or shoes with crepe soles.

The Rockabilly Hair
The classic rockabilly cut is long on top and very, very short on the sides and in the back. Shampoo and towel-dry your hair, and then liberally apply pomade with your fingers. Choose if you want a parted greaser style, a slicked-back greaser style or a pompadour. If you want one of the two classic looks, just apply the pomade, and use a comb to comb the hair straight back or to part your hair and comb it back. Use your fingers to tease the front curls into defined curls. You may wish to use a little beeswax to piece out a few curls. If you wish to do the pompadour, you'll want to use less grease pomade and more beeswax. Use your hair dryer to dry your hair straight up, using a brush to lift the hair and applying beeswax at the roots to help it stand up. Use a comb and your fingers to guide the hair back, maintaining the required poof in front.

How Women Can Dress Rockabilly
The Rockabilly Dress
The best rockabilly dresses are either tight-fitting dresses that hit below the knees or sweetheart necklines with fitted waists and full skirts. You'll want to wear sexy, high-heeled shoes. Apply a thick layer of dark eyeliner to your eyelids to create a cat-eye look, and then finish off your look with deep red matte lipstick.

The Rockabilly Hair
To do the rockabilly hairstyle right, you'll have to get a middy cut. This cut consists of sections of layers. This means your stylist will have to cut your hair into sections, each four inches long with each section about one and a half inches wide. The only sections that are a different length are the three-inch-long ones on the sides, as they are intended to frame your face. After washing and toweling dry your hair, you'll need to roll it on rollers and let it dry completely. When your hair is dry, you'll need to remove the curlers gently, keeping the curls whole. Carefully tease the inside of each roll to give it volume, keeping each roll intact and smooth. Use bobby pins to pin each roll in place. Spray with hairspray.

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A greaser hairstyle will complete any guy's rockabilly outfit, but keep in mind that it's called a "greaser hairstyle" for a reason.

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