1920's Fashion Trends

1920's fashion trends were all about rebellion. The 1920's were a time of backlash. People were lashing out at the rigid formalities of the Victorian era and defying the restrictions that came with the Prohibition era. This backlash led to the first time in fashion where girls took on a boyish appearance.

Flapper dresses were all the rage for women in 1920's fashion. A flapper dress was a sleek, sack-like form that could be very short or very long. It was usually highly decorated and made for dancing. The neckline tended to be square or straight; spaghetti straps were very popular.

Hems rose dramatically and necklines plunged for women during the 1920's. However, the biggest change was the abandonment of corsets. Undergarments, such as bras and slips, were first used in the 1920's. A flat chest was preferred to a large one, following with the boyish trend.

Women wore their hair short and cropped in the famous "page boy" style. Hats were also close and cropped, fitting slick to the head. Coats tended to be indulgent, especially for those following the flapper style. This was not only a trend due to fashion; it was a trend due to need. During prohibition, women could hide many illegal bottles of alcohol in a large coat.

The beginning of the 1920's saw men wearing many different types of "knickers." But these ballooning, short pants were meant for a younger crowd. Men wore sleek suits that were tightly fitted, especially at the waist.

Men's suits in the late 1920's started to grow roomier. The coat was simplified, as was the tie. More shaped ties, patterned ties and bowties were seen with suits. Pants were a little roomier. Shirt collars remained rather high, but a little more relaxed than their Victorian counterparts.

Fashion Trend Hits
The flapper dress will always have appeal, even in present day. The boyish lines that accentuate that girlish figure are still seen as alluring. The sexy necklines and fun beading make these dresses classics that are still worth wearing.

The women's hats of the 1920's are just plain chic. They make any woman instantly look like a movie star with bedroom eyes. The close, simple, cropped nature of the hat is dramatic, yet simple. The dual nature of these hats is part of what has kept them timelessly trendy.

Fashion Trend Misses
Men's suits and pants from the early 1920's are often forgotten about, and for good reason. The suits of the early 1920's were boring as can be. They lacked style, thought or creativity. The waists tended to sit high and tight in a very unflattering position. The pants from the early 1920's were plain silly looking. The huge, ballooning thighs and knee length just made all men look cartoonish. 

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