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1970s hairstyles were funky and fun. The 1970s were a wild time that gave birth to platform shoes, disco music and polyester tuxedos. The decade was anything but demure, and the spirit of youth was truly reflected in what the period considered a fashionable hairstyle.

The afro was a hot and huge hairstyle in the 1970s. Though mainly worn as a symbol of black pride, anyone with curly hair could achieve this wild look. An afro was basically curly hair worn teased into a huge puff around the head. In fact, the afro was such a trendy style that is has many subcategory styles, such as the prince and the duke.

Soft and feathered hair was incorporated into many 1970s hairstyles. However, there was one, common, shoulder-length hairstyle that was all about feathering. To achieve with typical feathered style, men and women would cut their hair around shoulder length. The hair was then softly layered and cut with short or side swept bangs. The ends of the hair were curled slightly outward, creating a feathered style.

Long Pageboy
The pageboy hairstyles of the 1970s were worn longer than a traditional pageboy. Hair was cut just above shoulder length in back and around the sides. The hair had a subtle tapering towards a pair of short, straight bangs. The ends of the hair, including the bangs, were then curled slightly inwards.

The mullet may have been hot in the 1980s, but its popularity with both men and women began in the 1970s. A mullet cut was very short in the front and around the sides. The back hair was sharply cut longer, creating an obvious break in length. The cut had the effect of looking like a basic short hairstyle from the front, but trendy and youthful from the back.

The messy shag haircut was a standard for both men and women in the 1970s. A shag cut could be any length, but was usually worn straight. The main focus of a shag cut was the rough and almost sloppy layering created. This made for a messy and carefree style that was also rather sexy.

Stick Straight
Women adored straight hair as much as they adored curly hair in the 1970s. In fact, long, stick-straight hair was big for awhile, especially with hippies. Hair would often be ironed or blow-dried straight each morning to create the natural look. The style was worn with or without bangs and often crafted into ponytails, pigtails or braids.

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