1990's Fashion Trends

1990's fashion was heavily influenced by the music of the time. Flannel shirts and thick-soled boots filled the streets. Boot-cut jeans were hot, as were very baggy pants. The grubby, street look was trendy, down to ripped pants and greasy hair. The sportswear look was also trendy, complete with bright colors and flashy jewelry. 

Early 1990s fashion saw many women in baby doll or petticoat dresses. Lines had simplified from the 1980s and though a blazer was still fashionable, it had lost the shoulder pads. Fashion in general lost the over-the-top glamour and sharp lines of the 1980s, taking on a much more muted tone. 

Baggy, flannel shirts and tight, girly T-shirts were very trendy women's fashion in the 1990s. T-shirts for women were about one extreme or the other: either very large or cropped, low cut and fitted. Almost any type of low-rider pants were seen as trendy, from baggy jeans to warm-up pants. It was all about showing off the lower tummy when it came to women's in the 90s.

Men favored not just baggy pants during the 1990s, but extraordinarily baggy pants. Stylish jeans or slacks were worn halfway down the backside, leaving the underwear showing and secured in place with a tight belt. An alternative for those who didn't want to show off their Calvin Klein boxers was to wear boot-cut jeans, but even these were on the loose-fitting side.

T-shirts and flannel made up most of the male outfits in the 90s. Short sleeve, button down shirts also had their moment in the spotlight. Men's suits became highly refined and exquisitely tailored.

Fashion Trend Hits
The popularity of the boot-cut jean is a fashion that has yet to fully go out of style. The comfort of these types of jeans is part of their lasting appeal. However, they also have a great way of making the thighs look smaller and balancing out a woman's figure. A good pair of boot cut jeans in a must for any man's or woman's wardrobe.

Men's suits from the 1990s were the epitome of class and style. These perfectly tailored pieces were extremely flattering and made almost any man look good. The roomy, but naturally shaped coat and loose yet tailored pants were subtle and masculine.

Fashion Trend Misses
The baggy pants of the 1990s were just plain awkward. Pants didn't only just seem as if they were about to fall down-men were constantly forced to hitch up their britches. The style was not particularly flattering or particularly comfortable.

The grungy, unwashed look of the 1990s was a huge miss. Ripped pants and shirts just looked sloppy and dirty. The trend may have taken awhile to go out of style, but should definitely be left in the un-fashionable category.  

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