70's Fashion History

70's fashion was a terrible disaster in the history of clothing. The most popular colors were burnt orange and olive green. Platform shoes, afro hairstyles and bell bottom pants were all the rage. Skirts became very short and tight and everything was made from polyester. In the world of retro fashion, the 1970's were a time to be forgotten.

Women embraced the 70's fashion, adopting a uniform of high-waisted bell bottoms pants and tight T-shirts. Platform shoes were all the rage for both men and women-the higher the better. A-line skirts still held some popularity, as did matching skirts and coats. An important shift was taking place, however-a basic suit tended more often to include pants than skirts.

Later in the decade, as disco grew in popularity, tight pants and tiny miniskirts became very chic. So did tube tops and feathered hair. In the late 1970's, some women took on a more masculine and sloppy style. Men's vests with a pair of slacks, loose shirts and tilted fedora hats became very glamorous, as most famously seen on actress Diane Keaton in the 1977 movie Annie Hall.

Men took to wearing bell bottoms during the 1970's, even with their business suits. These pants were high-waisted and tightly fit through the thigh. They then flared out at the knee, making a bell shape. Simply put, it was one retro fashion that looked ridiculous. Nothing reflects this terrible look more than the popular powder blue, polyester, bell bottom tuxedos with ruffled shirts.

Wide, wide collars were popular for men in the 1970's. These large, sharp collars were often worn with the shirt unbuttoned at the top. Jeans and corduroy became popular for men as well as women during the 70's. So did short shorts, disco clothing and bold patterns.

Fashion Trend Hits
The rise in jean and corduroy use among men was a huge benefit gleaned from the 1970's. Men finally had the permission to stop dressing in suits and start dressing in a wide variety of styles. Casual and laidback became mainstream for men in a big way. This casual essence is still popular for men's fashion to this day.

The pantsuit was one of the few fashions from the 1970's that worked. Women were finally freed from the restriction of having to wear a skirt as part of businesswear. The specific, bell-bottom look of these suits is definitely not fashionable today, but the spirit of the women's pantsuit is still strong thanks to the outfits of the 1970's.

Fashion Trend Misses
The terrible, powder blue tuxedos from the 1970's are one of fashion's greatest horror stories. They were unflattering on any frame and always looked cheap. The narrow shoulders, full bottoms and terrible fabric was just plain un-masculine.

High and thick platform shoes were a huge disaster in the 1970's. Not only did these wily shoes look odd, they were literally dangerous to walk in. The number of ankle injuries in the 1970's due to platform shoes was astonishing. While some modern platform shoes may be stylish today, the true platform shoes from the 1970's are best left in the pages of history. 

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