How to Wear Mid-Calf Boots

Boots are always in fashion, from the winter knit "sweater" boots and Uggs to the all seasoned sexy yet sophisticated leather boots. One of the best traits about boots is that you can wear them with just about anything. There are a few exceptions to this rule so follow along to find out how to wear mid-calf boots.

Mid-Calf Boots with Jeans

Many women prefer to wear their mid-calf boots with jeans, as this can be a comfortable and sheek look. When wearing any type of boots with jeans, it's important to look at the color combination first. Dark jeans go well with any color boots, including bright neon, khaki, white, black, as well as all types of materials such as leather. Try to avoid wearing light colored jeans as well as wash out or "ripped" styled jeans with boots.

Another fashion don't to remember is to match your boots with a skinny jean. Although some women can pull off the flare or boot cut style jean with boots, after hours of wear you may find yourself with bunches of jeans around your knees. To save yourself the trouble, purchase a lonely pair of skinny jeans to go with boots, as well as high heels. Stretch jeans work really well with boots and stay in their place.

Mid-Calf Boots with Dresses or Skirts

Another favorite fashion trend is boots with a dress or skirt. While this can be a very lovely look, it's best to consider a few options before going out in public. Always match your boots, depending on the length of the dress or skirt. Almost any dress/skirt will go well with mid-calf boots. For this years look, slouchy boots are in.

Tips for Wearing Mid-Length Boots

If you're on a budget and cannot afford to purchase a pair of skinny jeans to go with your boots, don't fret. You can still wear your flare or boot cut jeans with your mid-calf boots if you do it right. Before sliding on your boots, tuck in the sides of your jeans on your lower leg and fold the extra material to the side neatly. Next, use a rubber band (or hair elastic) or a pair of pantie hoes to tie the bottom of your jeans snugly. A pair of pantie hose or similar material is recommended as a rubber band can become uncomfortable after long hours. This will help to keep your jeans in place. Just slide on your boots and you're ready to go!


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