Getting Busy Eyebrows Under Control

In order to tame bushy eyebrows, you'll need two tools, tweezers and a scissor. The tweezers should be the type with a slanted tip. This tip shape is useful for plucking both thin and thick hairs. The scissors should, ideally, be small and made for trimming beards or mustaches.

The first step in taming bushy eyebrows is to wash, rinse and dry the area above your eyes. This will help get rid of dirt, oil and dead skin sitting under your eyebrow hair. Now smooth your eyebrow hair into its normal shape and take a good look. Find those crazy hairs that grow in exactly the wrong spot and get ready to vanquish them.

Hold your skin taut between your fingers and position the tweezers over the hair you want to remove. Pull the hair out in the same direction it grows to avoid unnecessary pain or swelling. Always tweeze one or two hairs at a time, never as a big clump. Never over-pluck your eyebrows, as it can take months for the hair to grow back.

Check the length of your eyebrow hairs after performing the initial plucking. If you have a hair that starts at the front of your eyebrow and grows two feet straight out, you need to trim it. Find all those long hairs, cut them down to a reasonable length and make sure they will lay down flat.

When plucking and trimming your eyebrows, you need to think about the general shape you want to create. The common shape is a slight arch that tapers towards the outer eye. Your eyebrow should start a little before the inner edge of your eye and can end at, or just after, the outer edge of the eye.

Most people will experience a little redness and swelling after an eyebrow grooming session. It's best to trim and shape your eyebrows before going to bed. This gives plenty of time for the area to recuperate and appear perfectly flattering. 

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