How to Draw In Eyebrows

Learning how to draw in eyebrows is crucial for anyone who has ever experienced life with thin and patchy brows. A person's eyebrows really do play a huge role in the overall composition and look of your face. While it's easy to overlook eyebrows when they are dark and full enough to do their job of framing your face, a sparse set of brows immediately becomes a negative focal point. While you will experience eyebrow regrowth after tweezing or waxing your eyebrows, you may not wind up with the same brow line you had before, so you need to learn how to draw in eyebrows so they look natural and beautiful, not comical or overdone.


Start by deciding on the shape you want your eyebrows to have when you finish. Use a pencil to lightly draw a brow, with a perfect arch, on top of the eyebrow you currently have. You can determine where the brow should begin and end by holding a pencil next to your nostril. Hold the pencil straight up for the beginning of the brow and then tilt it toward the outer corner of the eye for the end. Now line the pencil up next to your nostril again, and tilt it so it is just past the iris (the colored part) of your eye. This point should be the highest point of the arch. Next, get out your tweezers and get rid of everything outside of that line. Place a warm washcloth over the brow before tweezing to help open the pore and release the hair easier.


Now that your brow line is cleaned up, you can draw in eyebrows that look natural. Use a powder shadow rather than a pencil for a more natural look. Choose a color one or two shades darker than your hair color. Use a thin lining brush and start applying the color in the center of the brow, working toward the outside edge and then returning to the beginning. Use short, small strokes for the most natural look. Remember, it is much easier to add more color than to take it away when you have too much.

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