How to Do Eyebrows - Plucking

Learn how to do eyebrows flawlessly to see for yourself what a difference it makes. You might be surprised at what a difference the right tweezing technique can make on your appearance. A clean eyebrow shape can instantly add life to your face and draw favorable attention to your eyes.

Before you even touch your tweezers, give yourself a break by taking a hot shower. If you tackle your tweeze post steam session, your pores will be open, making the procedure less painful. Next, brush your brows upward with either an eyebrow comb or, if you don't have one of those, a toothbrush. Use scissors to trim away any hairs that look out of place growing beyond your natural hairline.

Now to determine an even eyebrow shape, use your eyeliner pencil. First hold it vertically from the side of your nose to your tear duct and up to your brow. That's the point at which your brow should start. Any hair on the opposite side of the pencil should be removed. Next determine the length by holding the pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outer edge of your eye. Finally, find the best spot for the arch by holding the pencil from the nostril to the outer edge of your iris. Make the highest part of the arch there. If it's easier, use that same eye pencil to make marks and color in as you go. It'll be easier to visualize the shape that will be left once your work is complete.

While you're working, you should never take your tweezer above the eyebrow. The only places you should remove hair from are below the brow, between the brows, and at the far edge of your brow. As you tweeze, remember that you want your eyebrow to look natural. You don't want a super thin eyebrow, so try not to get carried away! You can always go back and remove more hair later. And if you happen to over-pluck, don't worry, there is a solution. Use a cotton swap to apply a little hair growth solution to the area to encourage faster regrowth. Until then, use your eye pencil to fake it as needed. 

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