How to Pluck Your Own Eyebrows

Whether you want to look high-maintenance or just well-groomed without the high cost of salon visits, learning how to pluck your own eyebrows could save you a small fortune. If you're wary of going overboard and leaving yourself with a perpetually surprised expression, you can always have a professional style and shape your eyebrows first and learn to maintain them yourself.

Don't fight nature

The first thing to remember is to work with what you have and not fight your eyebrows' natural growth pattern. If your eyebrows are thick, you might want to trim them a little, but a pencil-thin line over your eyes would probably look unnatural. Similarly, if you have straight or round brows, trying to achieve a high, defined arch is unlikely to give you the results you desire. If your brows aren't balanced, you should be able to bring them closer to balance by plucking. But don't worry if you don't attain total symmetry.

Dot to dot

Before you even touch the tweezers, use an orange stick, an eyebrow pencil and a mirror to mark the shape of your eyebrows. Place the orange stick beside your nostril and tilt it until it is in line with your inner eye. Make a dot with the eyebrow pencil where the stick meets your eyebrow. Now tilt the stick from your nose to the outer edge of the eye and mark a dot where the stick meets the brow line. Make a third dot to mark the arch of the brow by looking straight ahead and lining the stick up with the outer edge of your iris from your nostril.


Remove any hairs between the two inner dots until the area over your nose is completely clear. Hold the skin tight and pull gently with the tweezers in the direction of hair growth. Hairs should slide out painlessly. Next, pluck any stray hairs beyond the outer edges of your brows. Then, using the third dot as a guide, shape the underside of your brows. Work slowly and evenly. Don't pluck from the top of the brow. Instead, use an eyebrow or mascara brush to brush the brow into shape, and trim any long or stray hairs that extend beyond the brow line. Use nail scissors to provide control and a neat finish.

Finishing touches

If you've ever wondered why no amount of plucking and trimming gives you that perfect brow, here's why: You're not finished. Use an eyebrow pencil to color in any sparse spots. Then set your brows using eyebrow gel and a brush.

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