How to Shape Eyebrows and Conquer the Unibrow

Here's a question most people don't want to ask: How to shape eyebrows to get rid of my unibrow? If your brows grow so close together that it appears you have one, not two, fear not: there are a number of ways to divide and conquer that unibrow once and for all.

Hair Removal Cream
A relatively painless way and one of the most inexpensive options to getting your unibrow under control is to apply a hair removal cream. The cream "burns" the hair off of your skin at the base leaving a smooth surface that can last up to three or more weeks. It usually takes around 10 minutes. Following the directions is essential to the cream working. You can purchase a hair removal cream in most drug stores. If you have sensitive skin, the cream may irritates you as it has to set over the hair for five minutes or more in order for it to work. Because of this, you may experience redness or irritation.

Possibly the most popular method of removing a unibrow is to either wax it on your own or through a professional that offers waxing. The waxing method is done by placing heated wax over the hair and then placing a strip of paper over it. Once it has been allowed to cool for a few seconds, the paper is rapidly pulled off along with the wax and the hair. It's a fast method to removing a unibrow and only slightly more costly than using a cream. Many people prefer this method as the results are usually better than a cream and can last up to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Just Pluck It
Though the cost of plucking is free - providing you already own a pair of tweezers, many people would choose to remove their unibrow through another method. Plucking can be time consuming, depending on how severe the unirbow is, as well as painful. Tweezers are used to pull hair out from the root one at a time. Not the most popular method but still effective.

Deciding what method is best for removing your unibrow is often a combination of personal preference and pain threshold. The choice you make, however, will be well worth it in the end, as you will have two nicely separated eyebrows.

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