Techniques for Shaping Perfect Eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face and well-groomed, perfect brows give you a polished look even when you're not wearing makeup. Good shaping techniques help give brows definition that enhance the whole eye area. Follow  these simple steps to shape your own brows in minutes and learn how brow pencils and powders can further accentuate your desired shape.

The Basic One-Two-Three of Brow Shaping
Here are crib notes for the perfect eyebrow:

  1. The innermost point of your brow should be over the inside corner of your eye.
  2. The arch of your brow (its highest point) should occur over the outside of the iris (the colored part) of your eye.
  3. Your brow should end on a diagonal from the outside of your nose just past the outside of your eye.

Depending on the shape of your face, your natural brow line may vary somewhat. Use the brow bone as a guide to the best placement for your eyebrow. To begin, use a brow brush or toothbrush to brush the brows straight up. Snip any hairs that are too long or stick out in wild directions. Be sure to pluck just a hair or two at a time so you don't wind up with any gaps.

When you're done plucking and combing your brows into a shape you like, hold the look with some brow gel, brow wax or a little hair gel. Apply just enough to hold the hair in place.

Brow Tips and Secrets
We all have imperfections in our facial features that we would love to change. Some changes don't need drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery or other procedures. You can make subtle changes in the shape of your eyebrows that can really help hide those little flaws and give the illusion of perfectly shaped features.

If your eyes are wide-set, extending the eyebrow past the inside corners of your eyes will make them seem closer together. Likewise, if your eyes are too close together, simply widen the space between your eyebrows to make your eyes appear as if they are farther apart. If you lessen the arch in your eyebrows and keep them more horizontal and straight, you can minimize the look of a long face.

Professional Pointers
You may want to go to a professional the first time you shape your eyebrows. He or she can determine the shape that flatters your face the most, and then you can maintain that look with the following steps:

  • Use sharp pencils
  • Apply pencil in small, hair-like strokes
  • Use two colors approximating your hair color for a more natural look
  • Fill the brow evenly
  • Use a brow brush to soften the edges of the eyebrow
  • Keep both brows as symmetrical as possible
  • A great guideline, especially when learning to tweeze, is to use a white eyeliner pencil and draw in the perfect brow shape directly over the actual eyebrow to use as a guide

Eyebrow Waxing
Another popular way to achieve beautiful eyebrows is by having your brows waxed. An aesthetician or cosmetologist typically does eyebrow waxing in the salon, but you can also do it at home with eyebrow waxing kits if you are confident in your abilities.

Waxing is a form of temporary hair removal that physically removes the hair from the follicle. The most common type of waxing uses hot wax, which is applied directly over the hair to be removed. The technician will then apply a strip of removal paper. The strip is pressed down and then quickly removed in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair, removing the hair.

It is also possible to use cold wax, although a thicker layer of wax is applied directly to the skin and the removal strip is not used. Any stray brow hairs that are not removed by the wax are then tweezed for a complete finished look. No matter which technique you choose, for the best eyebrow waxing results, waxing should be done every four to six weeks.

Whether you are tweezing your brows or using a wax procedure, always be sure to completely remove all stray hairs from between the eyebrows as well as above and beneath them. This will give you a smooth look that will enhance the beauty of not only your eyes, but also your entire face.

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