Alternatives for Body Hair Removal at Home

There used to be two choices for removing body hair: either shave with a razor at home, or head to the salon for a wax. Luckily, the number of alternative choices has grown, and it is now possible to find the perfect hair removal method for you in the comfort of your own home.


You'll find a variety of depilatory creams next to the razors and shave gels at your local drug store. The premise behind these lotions is simple -- you apply the cream on the desired area, and then leave it for several minutes while it does its magic dissolving the hair.

At best, depilatory creams can leave you with smooth, hair-free skin with very little effort. Those with sensitive skin, however, may find them a bit harsh and drying. Take care to follow directions carefully and only use a depilatory cream on the area it is specifically meant for. For example, if the bottle says "for legs only," you may need a separate product to use for your bikini area.

At-home waxing

Waxing has gone from a salon-only affair to easily available take-home kits. Some are ready to use out of the box, and some need to be heated in the microwave. If used properly, waxing at home can be as effective as getting it done at the salon. However, it requires the dedication and follow through to rip wax strips off your own body -- a task which, for some, might be daunting.


The hair removal method of sugaring is the same idea as waxing, only instead of wax, you use natural ingredients you can put together at home. Most recipes include sugar and lemon juice, but some add honey or molasses as well. As with waxing, it is effective, albeit slightly painful.

Friction tools

Over the last couple of years, Smooth Away and other friction-based hair removal tools have come on the scene. These are essentially pieces of fine sandpaper that are stuck to a glove and used to rub and buff away hairs on your skin. If you have very coarse hair or need to remove hair from a sensitive area, you might not find these tools completely effective. However, they are pain-free and do a decent job of removing small areas of hair from places such as the forearm and calves. Also, similar products can be found at many dollar and discount stores, making them an inexpensive investment as well!

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