How to Shave Your Legs

Learning how to shave your legs is a rite of passage for women. With some practice, it will become as natural as brushing your hair or teeth. The key is to use the best possible products for the job and to pay attention, as no one wants legs full of nicks and scratches.

Prep Work
It's always best to prep your legs by soaking them in warm water. This is why it's generally best to shave your legs after a long shower or bath. This way, the pores are opened and your leg hair will be relaxed. Instead of having to go over the same patch of hair a few times, a single glide of your razor should do the job.

Steady Does It
Make sure that you have your balance before you start shaving. You don't want to trip or tumble while you have blade to skin. If possible, sit on the edge of a bathtub. Make sure you have new blades, shaving cream and lotion before you start shaving. Never use a dull blade when shaving your legs: This could result in cuts. If you are without shaving cream, a moisturizing soap can definitely get the job done.

Stroke by Stroke
Start by adding shaving cream to your leg and rubbing it into a lather. Take the razor and place it at the base of your ankle and pull up over the leg. After every stroke, be sure to rinse the blade so that you remove hair and keep the blade wet. Shave your leg until all of the cream and hair has been removed.

Pat Dry
When finished, be sure to pat your leg dry. Follow this by applying lotion to moisturize the leg. If you have cut yourself while shaving, dab the wound and add a small amount of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. The lotion will keep your legs silky smooth.

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