The Pros and Cons of Epilators

Silky soft skin is what you really desire, and the thought of stubble drives you crazy. If you've thought of using an epilator to remove unwanted hair from your body, but you aren't sure if it's the best decision for you, this pros and cons guide may be what you need to help you decide.

Epilators are designed to be the end to shaving and waxing as options for hair removal. The coil springs in the epilator grab the hair at the root and pull it out. It's one of the more affordable ways to remove hair, as you don't have to deal with the expense of shaving or waxing.

When you use an epilator, though, you will notice the pain immediately. Some women claim that it gets easier with use, but others will still tell you that they've owned one for years, and the pain associated with the epilator pulling out the hairs does not go away. The pain factor alone is one of the epilator's biggest downfalls. Also, unlike shaving, where you can shave as soon as you feel the stubble, it is best to wait until the hair is ¼ inch long before using an epilator. If you have sensitive skin, an epilator may be even more painful, and it also wouldn't be a good idea to use it on extremely sensitive areas, such as the bikini, underarms or the face.

However, if you prefer to go long periods without the need to shave, an epilator may be a good choice for hair removal. Hair takes longer to grow back after using an epilator, and it also comes back thinner and lighter, similar to waxing but without the mess. Once you get the hang of using an epilator, it typically takes less time than shaving as well. Many epilators can also be portable and are battery-operated, so traveling with them is a cinch. Some are available with extra attachments and guards to help lessen the pain as well.

Depending on your pain threshold and how sensitive your skin is, an epilator can be an excellent choice for removing hair.

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