What Does an Ingrown Hair Look Like

What does an ingrown hair look like? This is a common question for the many men and women who experience this irritating condition. With a little know-how, however, it is easy to spot, treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

In most cases, an ingrown hair is a sore bump that pops up after you've shaved or waxed. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair curls and grows sideways into your skin. This infection may become itchy and may result in a pus-type collection under the skin called razor bumps. Ingrown hairs can pop up just about anywhere. Most commonly, this condition affects recently shaved areas of the body like the legs, armpits and bikini line.

If you have a lot of leg hair or body hair that is curly, you are susceptible to ingrown hairs. This is why it is important to use sharp razors and shaving lotions soothe the skin and pores. If you use a dull razor, you will have to go over sections of skin more than once or twice, and this can irritate the skin and push follicles so they grow at a slant. After shaving or waxing, be sure to add lotion to the area to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Additionally, regular exfoliation can help protect against ingrown hairs.

There are many ways to treat ingrown hairs. For example, placing a warm cloth over the infected area can do a world of good. Additionally, when you shave, try shaving in different directions. Drinking as much water on a daily basis and hydrating the skin with daily application of lotion will help you rid yourself of a nasty ingrown hair. Take the time to exfoliate the infected area as well as applying creams with glycolic acid. To relieve pain and swelling, take ibuprofen. With consistent ingrown hair care, you should be fully healed in a week or two. 

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