What Is a Brazilian Wax

What is a Brazilian wax? This procedure, similar to a bikini wax, removes all hair in the pubic region except a small strip or triangle. Women like this type of waxing because it is a clean look, ensures no hair is left unturned during bikini season and can make sex more pleasurable.

Basically, a Brazilian wax is when all of the hair of your inner and outer labia and buttocks is striped away. A small strip is left in the shape of a rectangle or triangle. Most places that offer Brazilian waxes provide paper thongs to lessen your embarrassment. However, you should know that some may ask you to completely strip down.  

If your hair is long, it will first be cut down with a pair of scissors to make waxing quicker and easier. A technician may then add some baby powder to your skin to keep the wax from sticking. Following this, warm wax will be applied in small increments with the use of a wooden stick. Pieces of cloth are then pressed to the wax. Once the wax has hardened, the salon employee will then rip away the cloth, and with it, your hair. After all the whole area has been waxed, the technician working with you may then work on tweezing the area for stray or hard-to-get hairs.

If you have never been waxed down below, your first Brazilian wax may hurt. To lessen such pain, take ibuprofen a few hours before the procedure. Aloe vera and vitamin E-rich lotion are great ways to soothe your skin after a Brazilian wax. For those who want to know what a Brazilian wax feels like, the only simple answer is that you have to try it to know. This way, you can decide of the pain is worth it and if you like the bareness the waxing offers. 

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