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Receding gums is the wearing away of the gum tissue around your teeth. Learn more about receding gums here.
By Jennifer Hinders
Belly buttons smell due to poor personal hygiene, yeast infection or accumulation of substances such as dirt.
By Christy Birmingham
Personal hygiene is often the first thing people notice about strangers and is the quickest way to make a good impression.
By Shelly Barclay
Washing your hands is polite and prudent.
By Shelly Barclay
Do you suffer from excessive sweating? There are a number of natural, inexpensive methods that are effective for combating this problem.
By Rose Clearfield
Brushing your teeth is important for their health. It will also keep them looking clean and white.
By Crystal Eynon
Good dental hygiene keeps teeth healthy, lowers dental costs and helps limits trips to the dentist. It als makes you a more attractive partner, coworker or mate.
By Rachel Mork
These personal hygiene tips will keep you neat, clean and respectable so you won't have to worry about social or professional interactions.
By Rachel Mork
Good personal hygiene is essential. Learn these basic hygiene tips for optimal health.
By Rachel Mork
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