Personal Hygiene Tips

These personal hygiene tips will keep you neat, clean and happy. Proper personal hygiene is essential for social interactions and respect in the professional arena, so make sure you cover these personal hygiene basics every day for optimal results.

Shower Daily
Whether you feel grungy or not, a daily shower is a must. Shower every morning and after all athletic activities. You may not be able to smell your body odor, but others will.

Limit Fragrances
If you use scented soap or shampoos, go easy on competing fragrances. Coordinate your fragrance choices in such a way that you only apply one scent or two complementary scents at a time.

Be aware of the fact that many people are sensitive to fragrances; a strong fragrance may offend, not attract some people. Think through your life circumstances. Will you be in any confined spaces such as cabs, elevators or shared cars with other people? If so, lighten up on the fragrance.

Wear Clean Clothes
Make sure you wash all clothes after a couple times of wearing them, after one wearing if you got sweaty at all that day. Hang clothing immediately after removing from the dryer; iron any clothing that needs attention. Use a tape roll to remove pet hair or lint.

Brush Your Teeth Three Times a Day
Brush your teeth three times a day for dental health and for fresh breath. Be sure to floss daily and to brush your tongue, which can harbor bad-breath-producing bacteria. Carry mints for in between situations. If you have recently drank coffee or eaten anything potentially offensive-think onion, garlic, blue cheese or strongly spiced foods-be sure to brush or use mints before talking to people.

Keep Nails Trimmed and Clean
Wash hands thoroughly, removing dirt from underneath nails daily. Keep nails neatly trimmed and free from all debris.

Pluck Stray Hairs
Both men and women need to be on the lookout for stray hairs in places hairs don't belong: the nose, ears, brow, chin and upper lip area. As men get older they need to pluck or clip wiry nose, ear and eyebrow hairs; women need to wax upper lips and pluck stray hairs if hair becomes long or unsightly. Not sure if you need to pluck or not? Err on the side of caution and pluck.

Cover Up Acne
If you have acne, you'll want to use a cleanser specific for acne prevention and cover breakouts with a cover up designed to heal and prevent more acne.

Prevent Foot Odor
Dust shoes with baby powder, change socks often-especially after athletic activities-and allow shoes to air out in between wearing.

Blot Oily Skin
Buy a pack of oil-blotting sheets and use them to soak up excess oil during the day.

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Good dental hygiene keeps teeth healthy, lowers dental costs and helps limits trips to the dentist. It als makes you a more attractive partner, coworker or mate.

Good personal hygiene is essential. Learn these basic hygiene tips for optimal health.

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Find articles about hygiene, including dental hygiene, personal hygiene tips and good personal hygiene.

Find articles about hygiene, including dental hygiene, personal hygiene tips and good personal hygiene.

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