What Are Silk Wrap Nails

There are many types of procedures performed on nails to make them thicker, stronger and healthier. Silk wrap nails are the latest craze in nail salons all over the United States and Europe to make nails as strong as possible. 

A silk wrap consists of a synthetic silk or fiberglass material that is added to the fingernail to strengthen, lengthen or repair the nail. Many nail salons offer this as a service or you can attempt to do it at home with a store bought kit. If you've never even seen the procedure, you may want to leave it to the professionals who have better understanding of how to apply it for the best results.

Women who have the procedure done often prefer the silk wrap to any other chemical   treatments for lengthening and strengthening nails. Silk wrap provides better flexibility, than acrylic nails. They are thinner than acrylics and look more like the natural nail. They are also healthier since the fibers allow the nail to breathe -unlike acrylic nails where fungus can form underneath.

A silk wrap nail procedure starts with cleaning the nails to be sure that all dirt is cleared away and the surface is clean. A buffer is then used on top of the nail to smooth out the nail so the wrap will properly adhere. The manicurist will cut the wraps to fit the nail and the apply adhesive to secure the wrap in place. After the application, the nails will be buffed again until the surface is smooth. Finally, a color is brushed over top of the wrap to ensure it doesn't lift up.

Silk wrapped nails can be polished and manicured just like regular nails. Be sure to take care of the skin and cuticle around the nail to ward of infection or overgrowth of skin onto the nail.

The person who best benefits from a silk wrap nail procedure is one who doesn't have a job that requires a lot of hand activities or calls for their hands to be submersered in water for a long period of time. The wraps are not designed to withstand that type of exposure and will come loose and fall off.

Think of silk wrapping procedure as going green for your nails. The silk wrapping technique is all natural and even the adhesive can be non-toxic. Harsh chemical nail treatments are a thing of the past and your nails will thank you for this newer, gentler procedure.

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