How to Choose the Right Types of Artificial Nails for You

When it comes to the types of artificial nails you decide to wear, you need to consider everything from their length to overall style statement. Fake nails are not only great to look at but can help people with everything from nail biting to thumb sucking. If your nails are prone to chipping, fake nails can protect them and make it seem as if you have long, nicely shaped nails. The following are just some of the many things you should consider when choosing between different types of artificial nails.

If you have seen artificial nails, you have seen acrylic nails. These are some of the most commonly used nails in the world. This type of nail is great for someone who wants a strong nail that will not easily chip. When it comes to nail care, you'll have to have them filled in every two to three weeks. And you will want to learn how to remove acrylic nails at home.

For those who want a natural looking artificial nail, gel nails are an option. A manicurist spreads a gel acrylic on the nail and then places the hand under a ultra-violet light, where the gel hardens. Another great benefit to gel nails is that they do not need to be filled in as often as other nails. However, gel nails are not as durable as other types of artificial nails. As a result, they probably aren't the right choice for the person who works with their hands.

Wrap nails may have the most natural look of any artificial nail in the market. These products are light and give a person's nails a smooth look. However, they are also some of the weakest nails a person can find. These artificial nails are made out of fiberglass, linen, paper or silk.

When it comes time to choose the right nails for you, take the time to consider everything from the look you want to the nail's durability. If you work with your hands a lot - either as a chef or artist - you might want to go with a more durable or hard nail. However, if you want a natural looking nail, then you should probably go with something lighter in appearance. You should know that long nails may take some time getting used to. Everything from typing to showering may seem awkward at first, but you quickly adjust to the additional length.

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