What Manicure Tools Do You Need

Knowing how to perform a manicure is a necessity for any fashionable woman. The knowledge does you little good, though, if you don't have the tools required. You may be able to cheat once or twice, but eventually you'll need a set of manicure tools if you want a complete manicure.

Nail clippers are always handy to have around, regardless if you're male or female. They get rid of jagged edges on your nails, cuticle build-up and even calluses. They deal with the big stuff and leave the delicate work to other items, such as nail files. Nail files are a must, since they shape your nails for a pleasant look and feel. Make sure the file isn't too abrasive, because this will leave jagged edges instead of smooth ones.

You also need some sort of tool to help push your overgrown cuticles back for cleaning and clipping. The most commonly used instrument is an orange stick, a simple wooden stick with a rounded, slanted end. You can also go a little fancier with a plastic stick complete with padding on one side.

A good lotion is necessary, since hands and nails dry out so easily. You want to look for lotions with intense moisturizers and lasting results. You may want to pair the lotion with some quality cuticle cream to help prevent cuticle tears.

If you're planning to paint your nails, you'll also need some nail polish remover and cotton balls to clean off the old polish. Then you want a base coat, color polish and top coat to give the perfect finish. For cleaning up tiny smudges, make sure to have a cotton swab nearby that you can dip into the polish remover and sweep over messy areas.

Bells and Whistles
To make your manicure easier and more effective, there are a few extra nail care products you can look into purchasing as well. A nailbrush helps clean on and under the nail, as well as scrub off the thin layers of dead skin near the cuticle. Cuticle nippers are much more delicate and exact in their trimming, giving much better results than cutting the skin with nail clippers does.

Some aromatic soap mixed with hot water helps make things smell pretty while softening the skin around the nail. If you feel like getting fancy, try one with added botanicals or moisturizers to help heal dry skin or promote nail growth.

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