Proven Beard Growing Tips

Do you need proven beard growing tips? Some men can grow full beards easily, while the hair on the face of some men will only grow in blotches. The only way to know what kind of facial hair you can grow is to stop shaving for at least a month.

It may sound funny to hear, but the first step in growing a beard, once you have decided you have what it takes to do so, is to stop shaving. It generally takes approximately four weeks to grow a beard. During this time, do not trim or shape the beard in any way. It is important to let your facial hair grow in as much as possible before trimming or shaping your beard. Some patches of hair will grow faster than others, so do not get discouraged if your beard looks blotchy during the first few weeks. It should fill in eventually. If after four to six weeks of growth, your beard has not fully come in, you may want to consider the fact that a beard may not be in your future.

You may want to consider waiting until fall or winter to begin growing a beard, as your skin will sweat less and the itching associated with new beard growth will be less. Some men begin their beards on vacation so the initial scruffiness is not as noticeable at work.

You may also want to consider taking a dietary supplement, such as Biotin. This supplement is known to encourage fast hair growth. Of course, a good multi-vitamin can also help with natural hair growth. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help your hair growth in general, including your beard

There is no real magic pill or potion to guarantee fast hair growth. You just need to have the patience to let it grow in at its own pace. However, if you do decide that you simply cannot wait for your beard to grow in and decide to shave, be sure to start with a beard trimmer to cut the hair down. This will save your face from unnecessary rash and pain from shaving longer facial hair with a razor.

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