Choosing Beard Shapes That Complement Your Face Shape

Most men know that their beard shapes can camouflage or detract from certain features on their face. Some men were just meant to be clean-shaven, while others look dashing with a bit of facial hair. A beard can enhance your facial features, but it can also have the opposite effect and highlight the features you were trying to hide. It is important to determine into which category you will fall.

Begin by looking in the mirror and examining your chin. Is your chin large and dominant or do you have a weaker, more recessed chin? What is the shape of your face? Now look at your hair. You need to be sure your potential beard will complement your current hairstyle. A full beard will add width to the jaw line, so if you have a weaker jaw, a fuller beard will help balance your face. 

Deciding on the shape of your beard is as important as the decision of whether or not to grow a beard in the first place. A goatee can also make a weaker chin line look more pronounced, while facial hair that is shaved close to the face can minimize a dominant chin. If you have a square jaw, you can round the shape of your beard to add softness to the face. A man with a softer jaw can add strength to their jaw line by cutting their beard in a square fashion.

As you can see, the length and shape of your facial hair can completely change your looks, if you so desire. Keep in mind however, that growing a beard becomes a commitment that will require time and patience to keep your beard looking its finest. Keep your beard trimmed regularly so it maintains its shape and always looks its best. 

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