How to Grow Facial Hair the Right Way

It may seem like an easy thing to do, but growing facial hair can cause some men nothing but worry and trouble. Getting a nice, groomed look takes more than just dropping the razor and shaving lotion. A little time and tending, though, are all you need to learn how to grow facial hair you'll be proud of.

Your face is going to get very itchy when you stop shaving and begin to grow stubble. Be very aware of this problem and avoid scratching as much as possible. Constantly scratching the area will cause skin irritation, inflammation and a potential rash. It will look terrible and can even inhibit healthy hair from growing.

Use some sort of moisturizer on your lower face to help ease the itching caused by stubble. Try pre-shave oil, facial moisturizer or even body lotion. The added moisture not only eases irritated dry skin, it makes facial hair healthier.

As tempting as it may be to start trimming your stubble, you really need to let your facial hair grow out before trimming and styling it. Depending on the exact area, you're going to want at least one or two inches of hair growth before trimming, if not more. This usually takes around one month for most men to grow.

For the best look and style control, you should always grow out all facial hair at the beginning. Once there is enough hair, you can trim, shave and style your facial hair as desired. Trying to grow facial hair only in certain areas to match a certain style often ends up looking spotty and messy.

It's important to be honest with yourself about your facial hair and chosen style. You'll be out of luck if you want a burly, knee-length beard, but can barely grow stubble. Make sure your facial hair is the right width, texture and type for the chosen style.

Go to your barber if you're not sure how to achieve the look you want. Your face is a very obvious place for any trimming mishaps, so you really don't want to wing it. In one quick appointment your barber can teach you how to create and maintain your desired style.

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