How to Trim a Beard

Knowing how to trim a beard is an ever-valuable skill. You never know when you might decide to let facial hair grow in; when you do, you want that beard to look its best. Such knowledge can also be useful for women who want to pamper their men and perform the beard trimming for them.

An unkempt beard can make you look scruffy and dirty and that is the last thing you want to portray - especially if you are a working professional who needs to keep up his appearance. Trimming a beard or shaping a beard can take some practice to see what works best for your particular beard and face shape.

The first step to proper beard trimming is making sure the beard is properly washed. There are special beard shampoos that you can use to achieve this, but you can also use regular shampoo and conditioners. Conditioners will help soften the beard since beard hair is usually coarser than the hair on the head.

A great pair of sharp scissors can do the trick in a pinch to reach those hard to get at areas. It's important to make sure they are very sharp. If you want to go an easier route, try a good beard trimmer. A trimmer is best used with a comb; use the comb to grab the longer hairs and run the trimmer along the outside of the comb line where the hairs are sticking out and trim or cut them. Beard trimmers also have handy guides so you don't take too much of the hair off.

It is best to start trimming your beard from the ear downward and only do one side at a time so you are sure to balance out the entire beard. The trimmer can also be used to trim away stubble or take a beard down to the stubble for that 5 o'clock shadow or rugged look. Pay special attention to the jaw line and the neck. Most men have hair that grows down the neck, so you need to shape the hair to the jaw line and then clean up underneath.

A trimmed beard makes all the difference. You can do it yourself at home using the above tips. If you have an electric trimmer, take time to read the instructions before using so you know how the various guards or attachments work. You can also look up online ways to shape your beard for a different appearance. 

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