Men: How to Shave Your Face Without the Irritation

Shaving is a common, daily ritual for many men. Shaving your face without skin irritation isn't an easy feat, which is why many men dread this morning routine. With the proper tools and the following guidelines, it is possible to have an irritation-free shave every morning.

Shaving problems

The most common causes of irritation, razor bumps and burning from shaving are improper tools and technique, along with the irritants found in some facial products. To avoid these problems, men need to look at their shaving routines and make changes accordingly. Annoyances such as razor bumps are preventable when the proper shaving technique and tools are used.


The correct shaving tools are important for reducing or eliminating facial irritation and redness. While a quality, double-edge safety razor is the key to a less irritating shave, shaving cream and a brush are also important. "The Today Show" Tech Editor Corey Greenberg recommends a glycerin-based shaving cream applied with a badger-hair shaving brush to get the best results. "The brush releases and mixes the hot water with the shaving cream as you skim the brush back and forth across your face and neck in an up-down motion," Greenberg explains.


One of the most common ways that men shave is by applying shaving cream to the face and shaving away the facial hairs. An older technique, known as wet shaving, is making a comeback in male personal grooming. This technique involves keeping the face wet with hot water during the entire shaving process.

Using hot water on the face allows the pores to open and softens rough facial hair. Shaving during or right after a hot shower helps open the pores and soften the whiskers; however, washing the face with hot water just prior to shaving will also work. The experts at Goodfella warn that you should "never attempt to shave without first having a hot shower or bath."

Shaving process

For men, learning to shave without the irritation all comes down to the final process of the shave. With the proper tools and a face wet with hot water, begin by lathering the face with shaving cream. Apply a liberal amount of shaving cream with a shaving brush, and begin the shaving process.

Shaving masters like Greenberg recommend shaving downward, in the direction that the facial hair grows. Moving from the top downward helps eliminate the irritation caused by shaving. After fully shaving, rinse the face with cool water, lightly pat your face dry and apply an alcohol-free aftershave or facial moisturizer.

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