Keeping Bowling Hands Beautiful

Bowling doesn't mean that you have to give up beautiful hands. Many people think that bowling will result in calluses, broken nails and rough hands. Using the proper skin care techniques before and after bowling will help you keep beautiful hands. Use these handy tips to have beautiful bowling hands.

Use Liquid Skin When Bowling
One problem with bowling balls is how rough they are on the inside. You can avoid this problem with liquid skin. You place a small piece of cloth over the joint areas of your thumb and two bowling fingers. Then dab on a small amount of the liquid skin. The roughness of the bowling ball holes will rub on the protective coating, instead of your skin. This will keep your skin soft and hands feeling better. You will never get calluses this way.

Stay Hydrated During Bowling
One problem with dry skin is getting dehydrated. Skip the coffee, caffeine soda drinks and beer when you go bowling. Stick to bottled water. Try to drink one bottle of water per game. Most leagues do three games. Your skin care depends on plenty of water. You'll notice you feel better and your skin stays softer if you keep drinking the water during your games.

Heavily Moisturize Hands After League Night
When you get home from bowling league night, wash your hands really well. Remove the protective coating. You might need a loofa sponge to get it all off. Dry your hands.

Put on a pair of shorts and shirt for the night to relax after your shower. Turn on the television and get a good show. During the show, apply a large amount of Vitamin E hand moisturizer to your hands. Let it soak into your hands while you're watching the show. Reapply it often. This will help to keep your hands beautiful after bowling.

At the end of your show, rub the extra moisturizer left on your hands into your legs and arms. They will love the additional moisture as well. Your bowling hands will stay soft and beautiful following these tips.

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