How to Make Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish is a daring look adorning the fingers of many top celebrities. If you have the urge to paint your nails black, but you don't want to splurge on a new bottle of polish, you may be able to make some with the colors you already have in your home. The result may not be a perfect jet black, but it will be close enough to help you try out the look and see if it's worth buying a bottle of your own.

Before you start

In order to make your black nail polish, you will need a well-ventilated area to work in, as well as a paper plate or palette to mix your colors on. You may want to cover the surrounding table area with newspaper in case of any spills.

Search your collection of nail polish for the colors green, red, blue and yellow. If you do not have one of these colors, find a close substitute. For example, use gold for yellow, or turquoise for green. Pick the darkest version of each one of these colors you have for the best results. If you have clear polish, add that to your selection, as well. Set the bottles of nail polish up in your ventilated work area.

Remove any polish you already have on your nails with nail polish before you start mixing. Once you mix your black nail polish, you will need to use it quickly, so be sure you are ready to paint them right away.

Mix your polish

Take small amounts of each nail polish and put them on your plate or palette. Keep in mind that you need just enough for one application and try not to use much more or much less. Using a clean nail polish brush, mix the colors together until they are one solid shade. The result should be very close to black, and you can experiment with adding different amounts of the different polishes to get the shade more to your liking.

When you get a color you like, start painting your nails immediately to avoid the polish drying. You may want to add a small amount of clear polish if you notice the mixture is beginning to dry while you are in the process of painting your nails.

Other ideas

In a pinch, there are a couple of other methods to get a black color on your nails.

Coloring your nails in with a permanent marker is one way to quickly get your nails a uniform black, but you will run the risk of permanently staining your nails by using this method. If you do choose to do this, be sure to use plenty of base coat to reduce the risk of staining.

Some polish enthusiasts have had luck mixing loose black eye shadow with nail polish in order to make the polish black. This method sometimes requires many coats, and you might need to use a shiny top coat to prevent it from looking too matte.

Not just for goths

Black nail polish isn't just for the goths anymore-anyone who desires an edgy look can paint their nails in this rebellious shade. Make your own black nail polish to try out the look before you buy, following just a few simple steps.

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