Cuticle Care for Beautiful Hands

The cuticle helps protect your fingernail or toenail while it's growing, so proper cuticle are goes a long way toward having healthy nails and beautiful hands and feet.

The number-one thing that can help your cuticles is to keep them moisturized. When you use hand cream, be sure to rub it into your cuticles as well. If you can't remember to do that or notice that your cuticles are still dry, use a specialized cuticle cream or oil a few times a week. This way you'll keep your cuticles moisturized and give them an extra dose of nourishing vitamins to keep them healthy. Whenever you're using harsh household chemicals or detergents, you should wear gloves to keep your hands from drying out, too.

And the number-one thing that can hurt your cuticles is cutting them, or allowing your manicurist to cut them. The cuticle also acts as a barrier to keep bacteria from entering your body, so, when you cut them, this function is diminished. But that doesn't mean you should never touch your cuticles; if they become overgrown, they can actually hinder nail growth. So use a special cuticle remover that'll soften the delicate skin enough so that they can be removed without snipping them.

Gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick, and then rub the stick in tiny circles around on the edge of the nail bed to get rid of any excess or flaky skin. You may also see a white-colored residue left behind on the nail bed that can be removed as well. Just take it slow and be gentle on your nails to avoid irritation.

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