Best Way to Remove a Callous

A callous is an ugly lump of dry, dead skin. Though usually found on the hands and feet, a callous can develop anywhere on your body. A callous commonly develops due to heavy friction on a certain spot of skin. The skin builds up and dries out, causing a small to large lump to form.

Usually, a callous is not painful and no cause for alarm. However, a callous on the foot can be very uncomfortable and even painful. That's why most callous treatment products focus on foot care.

Callous Removal
The best way to remove a callous is to do it gently with a handful of patience. Never cut a callous off, no matter how tempting it may be. If a callous is bad enough to need a knife, you should go to a doctor and have the removal done safely. However, with some basic home care, most calluses can be slowly removed.

  • Wash and soak your callous area to begin the callous removal process. You want the entire area to be clean to prevent infection. By soaking the skin in warm water, you help soften it, which makes it easier to remove.
  • Use a gentle exfoliating product on the callous to begin removal. You can use a plain pumice stone or a fancy exfoliating scrub, whatever you think works best. Either way, you want to exfoliate gently, slowly scrubbing the dead skin away.
  • Moisturize the callous and surrounding area to help break down the existing callous, ease pain, prevent a new callous from forming. By keeping the callous moisturized and hydrated, you're keeping the skin healthy.

Resist the temptation to exfoliate the callous completely away in one sitting, this is much too harsh on your skin. It may take several treatments over several days for full results. Only soak and exfoliate your callous area once a day, but try to moisturize them at least two times a day.

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