Avoid Infection and Keep Your Pedicure Tools Clean

As enjoyable as home pedicures can be, there is a small drawback to pedicure tools and kits in general. If your pedicure tools are not kept sparkling and sanitized, you can end up with a foot-load of trouble. Any instrument that is used to remove dirt and dead skin is obviously going to need some cleaning eventually.

Basic pedicure kits usually contain nail clippers, emery board, pumice stone, nail polish, nail polish remover and an orange stick or other instrument to push cuticles down. Cuticle scissors, exfoliating scrubs and fragrant moisturizers may also be included. Regardless of the exact contents, every item in your pedicure needs to be cleaned regularly.

Not only can dirty tools irritate open sores or scratches on your feet, they can cause all kinds of possible infections. Be particularly careful if you're prone to any kind of fungal infections; dirty tools can keep bringing the problem back again and again.

Ideally, nail clippers, cuticle scissors and other metal instruments should be rinsed and sanitized after each use. Realistically, they should be rinsed and sanitized after every two to three uses. If you want an easy route, try using some cleaning spray that also sanitizes. Spray the solution on your instruments and wipe well. Rinse after sanitizing to remove an excess chemicals and pat dry with a towel.

Pumice stones and emery boards need to be rinsed gently with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid scrubbing either object too much, you'll just waste the exfoliating pieces away.  Orange sticks should be thrown away if worn and dirty. Polishes and other bottles objects just need to have their lids twisted on tightly to prevent drying out or gunk build-up.

If you're using any kind of pedicure system or foot basin, remember you need to wash and sanitize it as well. Gently wash the container with warm, soapy water and rinse clean. Soak the containers in a light bleach/water solution, about 5 percent bleach, for 10 to 15 minutes. Pour solution out, rinse well and let dry.

Getting into the habit of cleaning your pedicure tools after each use is truly the best way to protect yourself against potential problems. Clean doesn't always have to mean sanitize though. A salon may need to sanitize tools after each use, but you can probably get away with up to five pedicures before you need to sanitize everything. 

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