Pedicures for Men

When it comes to pedicures for men, the goal is for clean and healthy feet, not painted pieces of art. There's no need to worry, most pedicures for men never even use a single drop of nail polish.

Pedicures not only make feet look and feel fantastic, they keep them healthy. Cracked heels and calluses can be moisturized or filed away. Toenails can be shaped and clipped to prevent ingrown nails or razor sharp edges. Infections or fungal issues can be controlled and treated with cleaning and lotion.

Foot odor issues can be solved, or at least helped, from the washing and exfoliating parts of a pedicure. The washing and sanitizing removes dirt, sweat and bacteria from your skin. However, the build-up of dead skin around your heels and such can also hold onto odor. By exfoliating the foot to remove that dead skin, you help reduce current and future odor problems.

You only need a few pedicure tools to perform some quick pampering at home. A basic pedicure requires some nail clippers, a nail file, pumice stone and scrub brush. There are plenty of men's pedicure kits available if you want a few more tools as well as a carrying case. Fancier kits usually include orange sticks, cuticle scissors, emery board or callus board.

If you're performing a pedicure at home, you'll need a container filled with warm, soapy water in which to soak your feet. You'll also need some lotion to help soothe and heal your dry skin. Anti-fungal creams or other medications should then be applied as directed by the manufacturer.

Begin the pedicure by washing your feet well with warm water, soap and a scrubbing brush. Next, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes, or until skin softens. Use a pumice stone or other exfoliating method to remove dead skin. Gently push back the cuticle on each toenail. Rinse your foot when finished and pat dry.

Cut any long or jagged toenails with your nail clipper and smooth the edges with an emery board. Massage a large amount of lotion on the foot, ankle and lower leg. Pull on some socks to help protect your feet and clean up if you made a mess, because you're done with your pedicure.

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