Homemade Shaving Cream

Many people are turning to homemade shaving cream for their hair grooming needs, whether out of a desire to cut costs, reduce sensitive skin irritation or eliminate chemicals from the home. Before mass produced aerosol shaving creams and gels, barbers used to mix up their own shaving cream to moisturizing the skin - this was just perfect for the art of shaving.

Today's commercial shaving creams are a scientific blend of moisturizers, chemicals and fragrances designed to soften and moisten hair for better removal and leave skin comfortable. If you want more of a personal - or wallet friendly - product, however, homemade can be the way to go.

Cut Costs
If you turn to homemade shaving cream, the savings over shaving creams purchased at the store can really add up. Most of the ingredients - particularly stearic acid, essential oils and glycerin - can be purchased at craft stores in bulk. Because recipes tend to yield large amounts, one batch proves to last a long time. Commercial shaving creams also add the cost of packaging into the total price of the product. Homemade shaving cream not only allows you to eliminate this cost, but makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing excess packaging.

Sensitivity Issues
Commercial shaving cream often contains many chemicals for fragrance, foam and shelf life. These chemicals can often irritate those with sensitive skin and create more rashes and razor bumps than before. Commercial shaving cream is also quite acidic and may cause irritation or other adverse reaction when shaving. Homemade shaving cream is made with pure ingredients, without harsh side effects. Those who use homemade shaving cream are also able to tweak the ingredients to achieve the right blend for them.

Eliminate Chemicals
Many families are on a mission to eliminate household chemicals from the home. Chemicals in beauty products, toiletries and cleaners are among the easiest to eliminate. Many believe that unnecessary chemicals are making people sick and more susceptible to diseases. While there are varying levels of the absorption of chemicals into the skin, for those that wish to use all natural products, natural homemade shaving cream is the answer. 

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