Beautiful Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro braid hairstyles are a comfortable and beautiful, yet easy way to keep hair out of your face. These thin and delicate braids are smaller than traditional braiding styles and give a person a sleek and polished appearance. In fact, given all of the different micro braid hairstyles in which you can invest, it's a great choice for people who have a lot of unruly hair or for those who want a natural yet stunning hairstyle. The following are some of the more popular micro braid black hairstyles from which to choose.

A common micro braid hairstyle is to go with a long and sleek look. This generally includes a center or side part that may or may not include extensions or weaves. This style is great for people who may want to pull back their braids into a ponytail or may want to try one of many updos. Thus, long, thin micro braids are a nice way to not only keep your hair under control, but also to keep your options open when it comes to updos and other hairstyles. If you go with longer micro braids, then you should consider rolling them into curls. This is a great way to take your braids and make them into something unique and creative.

Another popular option to go with is cornrows. In this style, the thin braids are kept close to the scalp. This makes the braids not only thin and flat to the head but also shorter. This is great for the person who wants a classic look but does not want to deal with basic upkeep of their hair. The cornrows can be braided straight back into rows or can be braided into one of many patterns or designs. Though you may have to sit in a chair for a number of hours, the hairstyle is great because it is sure to last for many weeks. For folks who want to roll out of bed without fussing with their hair, this hairstyle makes life a whole lot easier.

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