Summer Black Hairstyles Staying Cool Looking Hot

Summer black hairstyles are all about staying cool and looking hot. Short cuts and pulled back styles are the looks you are going to want in order to make heads turn.

The super short cropped cut was made mainstream by Rhianna. If you're brave, go super short and spiky like she did otherwise, you can keep it a little longer and sleek.

Cornrows and Braids
Pulling your hair together into braids can keep summer frizz at bay. As an added bonus, it can make it easier to pull hair into updos, ponytails, twists or larger braids.

Heightened Headband
Think of this as one giant ponytail. This style pulls all of your hair up and off your neck, but uses a wide headband-not a tiny hair elastic-to secure the style. For an even more glamorous look, try soft ringlets.

Asymmetrical Crops
Go for a cut that gets your hair up off your shoulders. Ask for an asymmetrical bang to give it edgy, trendy style.

Modern Mohawk
Pull your curls up to one side, letting the hair loose from top to bottom in Mohawk fashion. The only difference? The hair on your scalp will get slicked down with pomade, not shaved away. For shorter hair, you can mold it to spike up on top and stay sleek toward the head on the sides.

Loose and Natural
Beyond keeping your hair off your neck, black summer hairstyles are all about letting go. Who wants to spend hours on your hair when it's gorgeous outside? Let your hair show off its natural state.

The afro is an easy wash and go style for short-haired black women. The classic style allows the hair to grow naturally. Try it from very short lengths under an inch up to 4 or 5 inches long all around.

Twisted Sister
Twist curly wet hair and let it dry overnight or under a dryer. It'll give you a funky volume like you've never seen. This is best for short styles.

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