A Hipster Bob Haircut

A hipster bob haircut is all about taking a classic look and making it new again. Instead of focusing on making sure all of the hair is perfectly even, a hipster look likes to take the bob and play with its conventions. This look is all about thinking outside of the box, so pick up a pair of scissors, consider your options and be creative when it comes time to try this trendy hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Style
Forget using a ruler to make sure that the bob is perfectly even. Hipster bobs are commonly asymmetrical. For such a look, one side of the bob is often longer than the other. Creativity is everything for a hipster look. Experiment with different lengths and consider a hipster bob haircut a true work of art. Anything goes, as the sky really is the limit for such a hairstyle.

A Line Bob
Another variation is to try the A line bob. Here, the hair is cut so that it frames the face and is long in front by short in back. Often, the back of this bob is layered so that one can spike up the back and play around with volume. This angled bob is made to frame the face, but don't think that means you can't experiment with the look by adding a variety of layers. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to hipster looks.

Bangs are a common element of the hipster bob haircut. You can go with incredibly short bangs that just reach past the crown of the head and barely touch the forehead, or you can go with long layers. For those who want something incredibly original, you could go with asymmetrical bangs: one side longer than the other or with bangs that are cut into shapes like triangles.

Try experimenting with different hair colors and highlights when it comes to making such trendy hairstyles your own. The layers that often accompany such a bob are often accentuated with bright and funky layers. There is nothing conventional about a hipster bob haircut: You're supposed to have fun with it. Thus, play around with different hair styling products and highlights until you find the look that suits your personality and preferences.

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