Making the Change to Angled Bob Hairstyles

Angled bob hairstyles can add a whole new twist to a classic style.
It's no secret that bob hairstyles are one of the easiest cuts to maintain. Often, the style looks great with little to no fussing. But if you're bored with the bob and want to step up your style, you might want to explore the world of angles.

What Angles Can Do For You
If you have fine and straight hair, this bob hairstyle is a good choice for you. The angular cut tends to make your face appear longer, which is a plus if you want to thin out a round face. The angles can accentuate your best facial features. If you have a heart-shaped face, ask your stylist to cut the angles to add volume at the back and crown of your head.

Long Angled Bob
While many classic bobs are super short, falling at your chin or above, angled bob hairstyles also look great in medium lengths. Good news for women who prefer should length hair styles. If you have a cropped bob now, grow out your look for a month or two and ask your stylist to help you transition to a more angled look. If you're going shorter, expect to let go of any hair that falls below your shoulders.

Short Angled Bob
If you want to stick to a more traditional chin length or shorter bob, you can still experiment with angles. Angled bob hairstyles often appear softer and more feminine than their blunt cut counterparts. You can play with side-swept bangs and choppy layers. The short angled bob also looks great as a sleek and straightened style. 

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