Choppy Blunt Bob Style Tips

Make a statement with a choppy blunt bob. This hairstyle uses color highlights, layered lengths and a variety of cuts and styling techniques to create styles that are sleek, classic, ultra elegant, sassy, flirty, sexy or mysterious. Several important tips to consider when selecting a choppy blunt bob hairstyle include face shape, condition of hair, age and body type.

Face Shapes
Knowing the shape of your face will determine the most appropriate haircut. Oval, round, rectangular, square, heart, pear and diamond faces are the basic shapes. Facial features, including wide mouths, high cheekbones, pointed chins, high hairlines and small foreheads, also help to determine an appropriate blunt cut.

You'll also need to consider the shape and features of your face when figuring out what type of bangs work with your choppy blunt cut. Bangs can be a thick, straight cut, thin fringe or styled spikes. You can wear them in a sweeping fashion to the side of the face. Select a cut that enhances the face and the overall cut.

Condition Of Hair
The texture of the hair is a consideration for a blunt cut. Straight hair works well, whereas wavy or curly hair may need to be relaxed in order to achieve a choppy cut style.

A blunt cut for naturally straight hair is less time-consuming and less expensive than working with a hair texture that may be too thick or requires additional work involving rollers and flat irons.

Talk with a professional hairstylist before getting a blunt cut to know how much maintenance is involved and what products and hairstyling tools are needed for your particular hair texture.

If you like trendy hairstyles but are worried about being age-appropriate, there is no age limit for wearing a blunt bob hairstyle. Knowing your facial structure and what style of cut, whether short or shoulder-length, looks best on you is key to finding the right look.

Body Type
Body type is a factor when selecting a blunt bob cut. Petite women need to select a cut that enhances their facial features by not overcrowding the face with heavy blunt cut bangs or jaw-hugging tapered layers. A balance struck between hair and face to enhance the facial structure without making it look small is vital.

A blunt cut for a tall woman shouldn't be too short. A mid- to shoulder-length blunt cut and bangs balance the facial structure and body shape. Long hair with blunted ends is an option, as long as the cut complements the facial structure and is in balance with the shape of the body.

Hair Maintenance
Maintain hair with a regimen using natural products to revitalize hair shafts, and keep the hair soft and shiny, especially if you are using chemical relaxing products or coloring that may dry and damage the hair.

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