Graduated Bob Haircut Ideas

A graduated bob haircut is a modern, chic cut that can be tailored to flatter just about any face shape. You can do many things with a graduated bob haircut, which is why this has become one of the more popular hairstyles for short hair. 

A graduated bob differs from a classic bob in that the lines are not severe, but rather are graduated so as to accentuate the face. You can ask for a graduated bob that lands just below the ears, at the jaw line, just at the shoulders or anywhere in between. Explain how severe or soft of an angle you desire.

A graduated bob can look especially lovely if accented with highlights, lowlights or a combination of the two. Consider using color to enhance the cut.

Styling Options
When styling your hair, use a large round brush and dry sections of hair at a time, starting with the hair underneath and working your way to the top layers of hair. Use the round brush to create tension on the hair, creating a smooth, sleek look. Blow each section dry, then shoot a bit of cool air on the dry segment to help it set. When you reach the crown, use the round brush to create extra body and height by over-directing the hair dryer and lifting the hair at a ninety-degree angle away from the scalp. You should finish with a sleek, smooth, slightly rounded hairstyle. You can flatiron the hair to create an even sleeker look, if desired.

Finishing Touches
Decide if you want to part your hair on the side, in the middle or with an uneven, funky part. Consider tucking some pieces behind your ears and allowing other segments to graze your face. You can use a small barrette to clip a tiny piece off to the side for a fun look or decide to flip up the ends to give yourself a whimsical look.

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