Inverted Bob Hairstyle

When it comes to the inverted bob hairstyle it has become a known trend for many celebrities. Some celebrity that have been known to sport this new style Jenny McCarthy, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna are some of the most famous for this new hairdo. What is an inverted bob hairstyle and how can you make this new hairstyle trend your own.

What Is An Inverted Bob Hairstyle?
An inverted bob hairstyle is a were the hairstyle that is shorter in the back and then is cut in angle that is cut to get longer toward the front in a motion that will be used to frame the face. Inverted bobs can also be called a concave, stacked, or wedge bob. Just recently most have quoted this new hairstyle to be like a pixie hair cut. This hair style can be cut in many different ways, but achieve the true look it has to be shorter in the back then it is in the front.

Different Methods To Cutting Hair To Achieve The Inverted Bob
There are two main ways that a hair stylist will cut your hair to help you achieve that you are looking for. They can just use the basic method with scissors and cutting it at an angle. This is the method that they will use most often if you have hair that is thin and does not contain many layers. The other option is to use a razor after they have used the scissors to cut the hair at an angle, this can be used if you have thick hair and you want to thin it down in the back adding some layers to your new hairstyle.

How to Make This Your Own Style
With so many people getting the inverted bob these days it is hard to see how to make this style your own, but there are a couple things that you can do with this hairstyle make it your own. If you are someone that like different colors and dyes to add to your hair. Some people like to add a more punk look to their inverted bob by adding chunk highlights that contain odd or non natural colors like pink, green, blue and so much more. This is a way to be able to add a little of your own favorite color to your hair. You can also go with the traditional highlights that will give it a soft angelic color to your hair. The second thing you can do to add your own flavor to your hair is to spike it. This seems to one of the most popular ways to wear and inverted bob is to spike the shorter hair in the back using a styling wax that you can use to and a little bit of rock and roll to your new style.

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