How to Style Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Inverted bob hairstyles allow you an easy opportunity to update your short cut. Not only will you boost your hair's volume, you will be taking on an adventurous new look.

What Is an Inverted Bob?
Unlike a classic bob, which is either virtually the same length all around or shorter in the front than the back, the inverted bob is a trendy variation. Basically, it's the opposite of the traditional look meaning that your hair will be shorter in the back than the front. Your stylist will taper and stack the back section making it the shortest part of your cut. Then the front will remain longer and you'll get a lot of fullness and poof at your crown.

Playing with the Look
Even though the inverted bob is a specific style, that doesn't mean you can't make it your own. You can soften the look by making the graduation of layers less drastic. In other words, while some may prefer to have very short hair in the back like more of a stacked bob, you can keep the layers longer so that the shortest hair is only an inch or two shorter than the longest pieces. Another pretty variation for this bob hairstyle is to add a side-swept bang.

The Styling Products You Need
Because this style is all about volume and fullness you should use a product to accentuate that aspect even more. Try a root boosting spray, mousse or volumizing gel at the crown and back of your head to get ultimate lift. And since you don't have a lot of hair to show off in this style, you'll want to make sure what you do have looks best. Fight frizz and flyaways with a leave-in conditioner. This is especially important if you prefer to simply wash -n' go.

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