Styling Your Short Layered Bob Haircut

Styling your short layered bob haircut can be challenging if you're not used to the process. Follow these simple steps for picture perfect hair every day.

Towel Dry Your Hair
After you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair until it is significantly drier than when you exited the shower. Be careful not to tangle hair or break fragile hair when you towel it; use gentle motions and be careful not to be too vigorous.

Use Styling Products
Apply styling products. You will want to use a light hold gel, a smoothing product and either a volumizing product or a silkening product, depending on your hair type. If you need volume, use a body-building gel. If you need to fight frizz or repair damaged hair, use an oil or de-frizzing lotion. Work product throughout hair, using your fingers.

Blow Dry the Roots First
Using a round brush and a hair dryer, blow dry the roots in segments, starting with the undermost layers. Angle the round brush such that you give lift to the roots and the hair curves gently towards your neck. Use the correct size round brush; a larger brush will give less curve; a smaller round brush will give more curve.

Add Volume at the Crown
As you blow dry the roots, angle the round brush such that you give additional lift to the hair at your crown. You'll want to over-direct the hair dryer and lift the hair at the crown such that it dries at a 90-degree angle from your scalp so it will settle into appropriate lift.

Create Shape with Round Brush
Once you've dried the roots, go back through the hair, using the dryer and the round brush to correctly shape your hairstyle. As you get each section shaped appropriately, finish with a blast of cool air to set the hair and to add shine.

Flat Iron for Smooth Results
Use a flat iron to smooth your hair further, angling the flat iron such that you maintain the desired shape of the hair. Follow the lines of the cut so your short bob will be chic and sleek. It's best to invest in a quality flat iron and only heat it to medium heat; the higher settings will burn your hair, causing serious damage.

Use Hair Wax to Add Definition
Use hair wax to accentuate pieces or tidy up ends.

Tuck or Clip
Experiment with tucking a lock of hair or using a barrette to clip a piece to the side.

Spray for Shine
Finish it off with a spritz of shine spray.

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