Unique Braid and Cornrow Designs

Once you know how to braid, it is time to get creative and experiment with different braid and cornrow designs. These flat braids can be woven into one of many geometric patterns. You could go with a simple look where the braids go straight backwards like rows of corn, or you could attempt one of many complex designs. The following includes some basic tips and information about how to go about giving yourself unique cornrow designs.

One of the first things you should consider is the look you want when it comes to your braid and cornrow designs. You could go with cornrows braided straight back and made more unique with beads, shells or by weaving in colored pieces of hair or ribbon into the mix. Always think about how thick you want the braids to be. Remember that the thinner the braids, the more time the braiding will take.

Some of the most unique braid and cornrow designs are those that play with geometric designs. You can section the hair and really play around with different patterns. For example, you could do combine spirals with rectangular patterns. It may help for you to sketch out the design before you even have your hair braided. This way, you will know how you want the braids to overlap, if you want them to zig zag and how you want the overall look to be. Feel free to play around with your braiding patterns: You can start with geometric or parallel braids and then weave in some curves.

Another creative braid and cornrow design or look is to pair braids with an updo. For example, you could have half of your head braided and then twist the hair upwards. This way, you have the hair out of your face and have a cutting edge look that is great for both professional and casual situations. 

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