Braid Designs for Men

Braid designs for men are not as common as they are for women, instead found most popular with African-American men in the form of cornrows or dreads. But men of any race or skin color can look great with braids, so learning these two basic braid designs for men is a great place to begin

Cornrows are tightly plaited braids close to the head for shorter hair. The first step in cornrows is in the planning. You must have a mental picture of how you want the end result to look. It may even help to draw a simple diagram. The next thing to remember is you make your parts as you go along, not all at one time.

Make your first part and then move the rest of your hair out of the way with a hairclip. Start with a couple of regular braid stitches - right over center, left over center, two times. Keep the hair taut, but not too tight. Bring the braid toward you.

Lift a small amount of hair from under where you started the braid and add it to the middle section of the braid. Now braid an outside section over the middle section as normal. Between each braid, pick up a bit of extra hair in the middle section before crossing the outer section over it. Continue to the end of the hair. Secure with a small elastic ponytail holder.

The other common style of braid designs for men is dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are for long hair and are basically a combination of backcombing the hair and rolling it. Before you can create the dreads, you must section the hair into tiny squares, securing each section with a rubber band. The typical section of hair is about the size of a regular pencil. The dread will be larger after the hair is backcombed and rolled. Once the sections are made, you simply start backcombing each section, rolling it as you go down the length of the hair to keep the dread round. Secure with a rubber band at the bottom.

Most people rely on others to create the dreadlocks in their hair as it is a long, tedious process. 

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