How to Square Braid

Do you want to learn how to square braid hair? This is not a simple braid, so plan plenty of time to practice before attempting this hair style for a special event. 

You'll be dividing the hair into four pieces and keeping track of four locks of hair, so you'll need to label the four spaces between your fingers:

  • Space one is the spot between your thumb and your index finger.
  • Space two is the spot between your index finger and middle finger.
  • Space three is the spot between your middle finger and ring finger.
  • Space four is the spot between your ring finger and your pinky finger.

Since you will be using both hands, you will need to pay attention to the left or right hand indicator for each instruction.

Brush the hair thoroughly, removing all knots. Sit behind the person whose hair you are braiding. Use a comb to section off the front two inches of the scalp. You'll want to pull this section of hair up off the face and back toward you. Hold the hair in your left hand. Using your right hand like a rake, slide your right hand underneath the section of hair and lift your hand up through the hair, creating four segments of hair. Lock the hair into your four segments by firmly bringing your fingers together.

Move the left hand three locks into spaces one left, two left and three left, respectively. Move the far right lock into space three of your right hand.

The Pattern
Use your right hand to reach under your left hand and insert the lock from space three left into space one right. Place the lock from space two left into space three right. You will see the lock from the far right automatically goes under the middle two locks.

Place the lock in one left into four left.

Place the lock in three right into one left.

Place the lock in two right into three right.

Now rotate your left hand such that you can move lock one left into two. You should end up with the lock that was on the far right now is the right hand lock of the two middle locks.

Move lock three right to one left.

Move lock two right into three left.

Move the lock in four left to three right, then from the left, tuck this same lock under two locks and back over one to space two left.

Move lock one right to four left.

Using your right hand, gather another lock of hair to add to the lock in space four left.

Repeat all the earlier steps, adding a new lock of hair before you perform the step involving tucking the far left lock of hair under two locks and back over one lock.

When you've successfully square braided the entire head of hair, secure the braid with an elastic hair binder.

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