Hillary Duff's Hairstyles

Hillary Duff hairstyles are generally young and flirty. If you like long layers, highlights and bangs, this is definitely the style role model for you. This young actress has had everything from light blonde hair streaked with low and highlights to darker brunette and even redhead looks. No matter the color of her hair, Duff's hairstyles are both trendy and stylish while also easy-to-manage.

The Basics
Layers, often with the inclusion of hair extensions, are a major component of Duff's looks. These layers are often long and add texture to the hair. Additionally, many of Duff's hairstyles include long and layered bangs that can hang to the eyebrows or can be swept to the side. Lastly, have fun with your hair color. You can add highlights, lowlights, streaks in bright colors and can play with the overall coloring of your hair. The beauty of Hillary Duff's hairstyles is that she herself often changes the color of her hair.

Styling Tips
Once you have the basic shape of cut down, you can play around with how to style the hair. Consider pulling the hair up into a messy chignon or bun, or pinning half of the hair back and leaving the other half down. With layered looks, it's fun to play around with the part of the hair. You can go for a side part paired with a tight bun; you can also create a messy or zig-zag type of part and let the hair hang long and loose.

Another look sported by Hillary Duff is the mini-bouffant. Here, the front section of the hair is pinned back and up. You can tease the hair into this position or use fake hair pieces to give this look volume.

Highlights and extensions are also common elements to Hillary Duff's hairstyles. This is a nice way to add some texture and volume to your hair. To wear the hair long and loose, wash the hair and then scrunch it with gel once stepping out of the shower. For longer more controlled curls, straighten the hair once washing and then curl the ends with a curling iron. To maintain Duff's looks, one will need a hair dryer, hairspray and maybe a hair straightener if one's hair is naturally thick and curly.

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